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Post Frame Advantage

Post Frame Advantage Handbook

2: Efficiency

Speed of Construction|Long-Term and Short-Term Value|Case Study

Post-frame buildings are highly efficient, not only in terms of initial construction but also throughout the building’s life span. The amount of time it takes to get “under roof” for post-frame building is half what you would normally expect of other construction techniques. Post-frame also cuts down on construction costs because it reduces construction time. Construction time is dramatically reduced for these reasons:
  • Posts or building columns may be implanted in the ground. This eliminates...
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The possibilities of post frame

Ohio DOT project helps move style beyond pole barns

By Sharon Thatcher, Rural Builder magazine Municipal projects offer many opportunities for contractors who have the patience for the challenge. But for post-frame builders, the potential opportunities may not even be offered due to a lack of understanding of modern post frame. Indeed, as post frame continues to grow and mature, the challenge of educating consumers to its many new possibilities remain. A recent success heralds from one of the stronghold states of post frame: Ohio. In this recent development,...
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