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Other Services from Timberline

  • Seamless Gutters & Downspouts

    We install seamless gutters on any structure. Residential, commercial, agricultural…you name it. Available in a variety of 32 colors in aluminum, 5” K. Copper is also available. Seamless Gutters offer many advantages over a traditional gutter system. They are cut to the exact lengths on...
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  • Re-roofs

    At Timberline Pole Buildings, we repair and put new roofs on existing residential, commercial or agricultural structures. Whether it be a minor repair, removing old roofing materials, putting a new roof over an existing roof, or starting from scratch, our licensed roofing contractors provide reliable,...
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  • Rain Barrels

    Go Green! Start collecting your rainwater. Collected rainwater from gutters & downspouts can be re-used for hydrating lawns and gardens, or stored for daily functions such as laundry & flushing toilets. Rainwater is considered naturally “soft” due to being free of chemicals like chlorine &...
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