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Timberline Pole, Inc. is a family run and operated company that has been building custom buildings for more than 45 years. Our mission is to build quality buildings that live up to our reputation as the premier pole barn builder in eight Mid-Atlantic states.
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Gutter/Leaf Guards & Snow Birds

We install seamless gutters on any structure.

Gutter/Leaf Guards & Snow Birds

Snow BirdGutter/leaf guards are just one way to protect your gutter system. They are the best way to prevent your gutters from becoming clogged or damaged. Having gutter/leaf guards installed can save time spent cleaning gutters every year, or money spent to have them cleaned by a contractor. *Gutter/Leaf Guards are not colored.

Another way to protect your gutter system is by installing snow birds. Snow birds not only add to the appearance of your building, they also keep heavy snow from falling off the roof and into your gutters. Snow birds come in plain metal or painted in every color to match your roof or accent color.

Snow Bird Color Chart

Color Chart